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Mayor's Message

Welcome to the 165th edition of the Beaverton Fall Fair!

This year's theme "Homegrown, Handmade and Farm Fresh" is presented by the Beaverton Agricultural Society. These are exciting times for the Agricultural industry as consumers rediscover and welcome the benefits of fresh locally grown food and hand crafts. From the harvesting of heritage seeds to cultivation. From supplying meats, poultry, dairy products and eggs, a Farmer's work is a never ending commitment to growing healthy, wholesome food.

A new appreciation and recognition for all things handmade right here from local resources is a welcome trend and encouraging sign of the timesfrom hand knitting and crocheting of Alpaca wool to quilting. You will see various delectable homemade preserves that will inspire you to want to try making yourself with fresh local ingredients.

While visiting the Fall Fair, you will experience life in a rural agricultural community. Enjoy the 4-H farm animal competitions, the photo competitions, flower arrangements, art exhibits, vegetables, home crafts and antiques, there is so much to see and do. Be certain to check out the many vendors and enjoy the ever popular demolition derby.

We hope you are able to take in all the events the Fair has to offer you!

On behalf of the Council and Staff of the Township of Brock, we wish to thank the event organizers an the countless volunteers who work year round to make this Fall Fair one of the most successful in the Province of Ontario.

John C. Grant, Mayor


Regional Councillor: Ted Smith
Ward 1 Councillor: Gord Lodwick
Ward 2 Councillor: Cyndi Schaffer
Ward 3 Councillor: Mike Parliament
Ward 4 Councillor: Therese Miller
Ward 5 Councillor: Lynn Campbell

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