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Talent Show


Saturday 4:00 pm

COMMITTEE: Julie Garland 705-341-3929

ENTRY FEE: Admission to the Fair


REGISTRATION: Saturday 3 – 4 pm. Beside the stage

The Primary and Intermediate prize money for this event is sponsored by the Foster Hewitt Foundation and the Adult prize money is sponsored by the Beaverton Town Hall Players.

PRIZE MONEY: $50.00 $20.00


1. Primary: 1 – 7 years old - Musical

2. Primary: 1 – 7 years old - Other

3. Intermediate: 8 – 16 years old - Musical

4. Intermediate: 8 – 16 years old - Other

5. Adult: 17 and over – Musical

Sections may be changed the day of the contest based on number of entrants.


1. Acts must be limited to one song length or 4 minutes.

2. Background music is to be music only with no vocals.

3. Raw talent show – not an air band contest.

4. CD Player available.

5. No Bands please as they are too time consuming.

MUSICAL: Vocals or Instrumental
OTHER:    Comedy, magic, etc.

Judges Choice Award
$50 Cash donated by the Garland Family
This is to be awarded to a local person

Entertainment & Demonstrations