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Beaverton Draft Horses

Beaverton Fair Draft Horse Show Education & Fun Day!

Saturday 10:00 am

COMMITTEE: Lorna Story, Stephanie Story, Bruce Thaxter, Theresa Freeland, John & Cheryl Elburg Doug & Anna Kerswill, Chris English, Steve & Sherry Lewis, Steve Joudrey

COMMITTEE CONTACT:Sherry Lewis 705-432-2015,705-879-2563 or email

GATE: Driver free

ENTRY FEE: Entrance to fair

LOCATION: In front of Grandstands

REGISTRATION: In front of Lion's Club building .

Each Hitch Exhibitor will be guaranteed the same single payment for coming to the Beaverton Fair.

Each Separate Halter Exhibitor will be guaranteed payment based on the number of halter horses shown that are not being used in the hitches.


Judge will give reasons over the microphone & answer questions.

D1 Draft Foal - born in 2019, filly or colt

D2 Commercial Foal or Yrig - born in 2018, filly, colt or gelding

D3 Draft Yearling - born in 2018, filly, colt or gelding

D4 Draft Gelding or Mare - any age, to be shown on halter

D5 Commercial Gelding or Mare - any age, to be shown on halter

D6 Junior Showmanship - Draft and Commercial, ages 10 to 18 years as of 2019

If enough Juniors to show - will split the class to Junior & Senior Showmanship


CELEBRITY CART CLASS - Draft and Commercials in cart being driven by a Local Celebrity! Audience involvement in the judging of this class!

SEVEN POINES DRILL TEAM - Quadrille to perform for our enjoyment Will also be described & Discussed on the microphone for all of us to understand.


Judge will give reasons over the microphone & answer questions

DH1 Four Horse Hitch - Draft and Commercials show together.

DE1 Riding Class - Draft and Commercials, English or Western attire Showing at a walk & trot only - will be asked to back up

DH2 Unicorn Hitch - Draft and Commercials show together

DE2 Log Skidding - Draft and Commercials, timed event

DH3 Team - Draft

DH4 Team - Commercial

2-3pm PONY TEAM PULL - in the show ring

We will have 4-6 pony teams pulling as a competition and as a demonstration!

Ponies are amazing as to how much they can pull!

Will follow the rules of the Pony Pull Club

Each driver will be guaranteed payment to cover expenses!

NOTE: changes to the above classes and rules are subject to change as we try to get sponsorship and entertainment to keep the audience involved!

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