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Message from the President

Year after year, from a quite a young age, I have read the "President's Message" in the front of the Fair book ... back then I didn't realize the amount of work and the amount of time, from so many talented volunteers, took to run the Beaverton Fall Fair. I remember the fun, the excitement, the ribbons, and the food!

I remember my mom and dad encouraging my brother and I to come out to the garden and dig up our vegetables. Mom helped us to handle our prize vegetables with care, while dad acted as referee between the two of us. There was great anticipation as we waited until the Fair opened on Friday.

We'd march our best down the streets of Beaverton, and as soon as opening ceremonies were finished we raced to the Scout Hall to check to see if we had the winning entries. Then came Saturday, shining up my old Pinto and my mom's Sorrel Mare, my mom and I were off for the gymkhana! ... jump a few years ... now I, with my parents were doing the same all over again with my two girls. Growing and selecting vegetables and flowers. I watched as the two of them over the years carefully created art projects to exhibit, and they too would shine up their horses and then head down to gymkhana on Saturday... Now here I am, writing the "Presidents Message"!

Come on down and make your own memories at our Beaverton Fall Fair......Hope see you there!

Arlene Thompson
2018 President

Theme Poster Winner:
" Homegrown, Handmade & Farm Fresh
This year's Theme Poster and Cover Contest Winner was Sarah Ross.
Congratulations Sarah.


District 4 Youth Poster Competition:
"Poster Promoting our Fair
Grade 5-8 was Noah Godfrey.



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